WWE: Divas in Hedonism 2 مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

WWE: Divas in Hedonism 2


2,000 تومان

قیمت : 1500  تومان

فرمت تصویری  :DVDRip

مدت زمان:   68 دقیقه

هوم ویدیو زیبایی از دیواها 


This DVD should have featured longer individual segments of the Diva's and More Extras But all in all it was good!.It is the weakest DVD in the Diva Series.But It features Hot Divas in Bikinis and skimpy clothes.
Diva's Featured
Trish Stratus-Hottest Diva ever!!!
Dvd Extras
WWE Armageddon (December 10th, 2000)
Six-Person Intergender Elimination Match
"The Hardy Boyz" & Lita vs. The Radicals w/Terri
WWE Armageddon (December 10th, 2000)
WWF Women's Championship - Triple Threat Match
Champion-Ivory vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus
WWF Royal Rumble (January 21st, 2001)
WWF Women's Championship Match
Champion-Ivory w/Steven Richards vs. Chyna

Raw (January 15th, 2001)
Spanking match
Jacqueline vs. Trish Stratus
Raw (August 21st, 2000)
Women's Title match
Champion-Stephanie McMahon vs. Lita
With special guest referee: The Rock
Raw (October 23rd, 2000)
Women's Title Bra & Panties match
Champion-Lita vs. Trish Stratus
Plus:Photoshoot with Lita and Book Signing with Chyna plus a slide show of 100 pictures from the Hedonism photoshoot.

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