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TNA Instant Classic The Best Of Christian Cage 2007


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Customer Reviews

Captain Charisma The Instant Classic Christian Cage4
TNA Wrestling The Instant Classic Christian Cage

I really enjoyed this dvd I enjoyed the interview part of it I kind of wish they would do like wwe dvds and interview alot of Christian's fellow wrestlers but it didn't heavily disappoint me. The disappointing thing for me is they do not include what Christian is best at on this dvd and that's his promos. How can you make a dvd for someone who is a king of cutting promos, a master of the mic and not put his greatest TNA promos on it? Whats up with that TNA? Now the matches were pretty good but most all of them except one have been previously released on dvd, here's the match rundown.

Against All Odds February 2006
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage Vs. Jeff Jarrett (C)
This was a good match, I watched it live on pay per view back in February of 06 and I enjoyed it. It was refreshing to see Jeff Jarrett realize how over Cage was and decide to drop the belt to him. The after match celebration was a pretty special moment in TNA wrestling history as well. Rating 4.5/5

Bound For Glory October 2006
8 Mile Street Fight
Christian Vs. Rhino
This was an excellent hardcore match. These 2 guys really put on a good show, the match actually starts outside and works its way into the arena and eventually the ring. The storyline was great too, best friends are now even better enemies. Rating 5/5

TNA Impact November 16 2006
Six Sides Of Steel
Christian Cage Vs. Rhino
This was an awesome match for it being on Impact and not pay per view. This was a good rivalry Rhino and Cage work well against each other. Rating 5/5

TNA Impact November 23 2006
Christian Cage Vs. "The Icon" Sting
This match was very short and not as good as it should've been but it did serve it's purpose and that was for Tomko to debut. So I understand why it was put on this dvd. Rating 3/5

Final Resolution January 2007
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage Vs. Sting Vs. Abyss (C)
This was a pretty good match I just wish it could've been a little longer, but the match added more to the Abyss-Sting storyline. Rating 4/5

Against All Odds February 2007
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage (C) Vs. Kurt Angle
This was a good wrestling match and a great main event, the addition of Samoa Joe as the special enforcer helped keep the coalition out of the match. Rating 5/5

Destination X March 2007
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage (C) Vs. Samoa Joe
This was a great wrestling match I would like to see these two wrestle each other a couple more times. Excellent ending. Rating 5/5

I am giving this dvd 4 out of 5 stars and I will recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Christian Cage to go out and get this dvd if you haven't already. If ya don't know now you know, Cause that's how i roll!

Captain Charisma....oops, The Instant Classic Gets Matches Include:
vs. NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett - Before the match, all night Larry Zbyszko was implying that there would be no outside interference in this match & Earl Hebner would be the official. With those stipulations in place, this wasn't the typical Jarrett match with brawling & non-stop interference until Jarrett wins. These two wrestled with Jeff pulling out every dirty trick he could until Christian finally pulled out the win the end. The celebration was really something to see as all the fans jumped into the ring & hoisted Christian high into the air.
Against All Odds '06

8 Mile Street Fight vs. Rhino - They have the formula of starting outside the building, brawling through backstage, and making it into the ring. Christian was the cocky heel & Rhino was the hometown boy who never quit. This was a great non-stop weapons brawl.
Bound For Glory '06

Barbed Wire Cage Match vs. Rhino - This cage match had various stipulations in that Christian & Rhino had certain objects (key to the cage, bolt cutters, straightjacket, chairs) that were given to them through the cage when they asked for it & the only way to win was escaping the cage. In a nutshell, this was a match that had Christian constantly trying to win the match by escaping while Rhino was more focued on revenge which resulted in Cage being the bloodiest I've ever seen him. Look out for the ending which Mike Tenay put best "Christian may have won the battle but Rhino won the war."
"Impact" Nov. '06
(Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls: Scars & Stitches)

vs. Sting - This match was really nothing special past the debut of Christian's old "problem solver" in Tomko.
"Impact" Nov. '06

vs. NWA Champion Abyss vs. Sting - This was the 3 way rematch from Turning Point however instead of this being a triple threat match (first man to get the fall wins), this was a 3 way dance (both men have to be eliminated to win) with Tomko locked in ringside cage so he wouldn't get involved in the match. This for the most part had the formula of two men fighting against each other at various times with one guy staying out of the way but this focused more on the story with Abyss & Sting more than anything else as Christian once again regained the NWA Championship.
Final Resolution '07

vs. Kurt Angle - Samoa Joe was the unofficial ringside enforcer for this match to prevent outside involvement from Styles & Tomko. The other twist here is that Cage kept teasing for weeks that he had a "consultant" to help him out against Kurt Angle which was revealed to be Scott Steiner. This was a match that went back & forth between both men with Christian taking some big punishment like an Olympic Slam into the ringpost & 7 german suplexes in a row at one point. Again, great match.
Against All Odds' 07

vs. Samoa Joe - With the exception of the Kurt Angle series, Joe's first World Title match saw him & Christian deliver the wrestling clinic that we haven't seen since his X division days. Back & forth action, counter for counter, plenty of nearfalls, and really just kept you on the edge of your set with the ending having you begging for a rematch. This was a definate TNA Match of the year canidate and match of the night.
Destination X '07



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