TNA Unstoppable: The Best of Samoa Joe مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

TNA Unstoppable: The Best of Samoa Joe


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Matches Include:
vs. Sonjay Dutt - This was Joe's TNA debut and left quite an impression on everyone. Joe displayed power moves that you didn't see from the X division at that time while being able to move as quick as Sonjay Dutt for his size. Dutt got some moves in but overall, Joe dominated Dutt.
Slammiversary '05

vs. Delirious - This was a quick squash match for Joe with the only thing noteworthy was the one crazy abdominal stretch he used during this match.
"Impact" June '05

vs. Chris Sabin - Unlike how he debut against Dutt was a showcase for this, this was a real competitive match. Sabin took the fight to Joe in this match as he pulled off various moves that you didn't expect such as a tornado DDT & a running powerbomb. Joe held his own here and even did a series of morphing one submission hold into another at one point before Joe got the well deserved victory. This was one of those matches were both men came out strong against each other regardless of who won.
No Surrender '05
(Best Of The X Division Vol. 1)

vs. A.J. Styles - Christopher Daniels was at ringside doing commentary during this match which was also finals of the Super X Cup tournament (or the "Christopher Daniels Invitational Tournament" as he described it). A majority of the time that you get any combination of Styles & Joe & Daniels in a match, your going to get a quality performance. It's hard to describe their matches because words don't do it justice but it should be noted how A.J. showcased his strength that you normally don't see from him against by doing various moves like Lex Luger's "Torture Rack" & a bodyslam.
Sacrifice '05

vs. X Division Champion Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles - This was the match that has made history on so many levels. This was the first time where the X Division Championship main evented a PPV and the quality of this match has gone down as one of the greatest (if not THE GREATEST) matches in the history of TNA to where it's still referenced to this day every single time two of these two wrestle each other. It's another match where you just have to see for yourself as words wouldn't do it justice but I need to make note that you'll get a laugh out of the opening moments where Daniels taunted both men & ended up paying for it.
Unbreakable '05

vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger - This was setup to be a dream match as one of the best of the "X" division style against one of the greatest of that same style of all time in Liger. It should be noted that both had impressive respectable entrances such playing to their heritage such as Joe's with the samoan dancers (and there's an interesting story behind that told on this DVD) along with Liger having the streamers at ringside. Unfortunally, this was disappointing by the fact that they didn't go as long as expected for a dream match but it was good for what they did but the fact that it was so short did hurt it.
Bound For Glory '05

Elimation X Match w/Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelly, Roderick Strong vs. Chris Sabin, Matt Bentley, Sonjay Dutt, Austin Aries - Great Survivor Series type battle between these eight with alot of the famous high spots & actual wrestling by each wrestler. However, the aftermath with Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels is more memorable than anything else as it was one of the most brutal beatings in TNA history.
Genesis '05

vs. Amazing Red - This was another short dominate Impact squash but pay attention to the clothesline Joe gave Red that flipped him inside out.
"Impact" Dec. '05

X Division Champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe - It's no secret that the series between these two & Christopher Daniels were the talk of professional wrestling for a year & this match was no exception. A.J. was out for revenge against Joe for breaking the "unwritten" code of the X division where it was all about the competition. This was intense to the point where at one point & throughout the rest of the match, Styles had his lip bleeding because a chuck of it was missing & yet still fought hard against Samoa Joe. Back & forth action which again goes with what I said earlier about how you get QUALITY whenever you get any two of these three in the ring together.

vs. Jay Lethal - Just like the other Impact matches, this was a quick dominate squash by Joe.
"Impact" Dec. '05

vs. Christopher Daniels - Daniels came seeking revenge for what Joe did to him at Genesis along with the fact despite the fact that he wasn't 100%. You really saw Joe turn into a assassian during this match as Daniels tried & even got close to beating Joe on a couple of occassions but Joe targed Daniels head, busting him open, and just repeatily punishing his head to the point where Daniels couldn't defend himself and A.J. Styles did what he felt he had to do.

In the end, if your a fan of high wrestling quality then get this questions asked!


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