TNA Xposure Abyss مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

TNA Xposure Abyss


2,000 تومان

قیمت: 1000 تومان

تعداد دی وی دی : 1 عدد

فرمت : AVI 

کیفیت تصویری:   HD

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Customer Reviews

Destination X 2005
Full Metal Mayhem Match:
This was against Jeff Hardy and it was a wild brawl all over the building. Jeff Hardy at one point climbs a metal structure outside of the building and gives a Swanton Bomb to Abyss through two tables. They fight back in the ring and continue to beat each other up with chairs, ladders, chains, and more tables. Abyss at one point powerbombs Jeff through a table from the top rope! At the end of the match Abyss throws Jeff onto a pile of tacks after the match was over! 8/10

Lockdown 2005
Six Sides of Steel Cage Match:
This was against Aj Styles and this was another wild brawl. Abyss at one point slams the cage door against Aj's head in a horrific spot! They continue to fight and AJ gives a sunset flip off the cage wall to Abyss right onto a pile of tacks! They continue to fight and Aj gets the win. 10/10

Bound for Glory 2005
Monsters Ball Match #2:
This is one of the best matches on the disk set. This included sabu, rhino, Abyss, and Jeff Hardy. Highlights include Jeff Hardy giving a massive swanton bomb to Abyss through two tables off the top of the titantron in a fantastic moment. Many tables and weapons were used, rhino even gored Abyss through a table in an impressive spot. Sabut gets put through a table and rhino gets the win after giving a sort of piledriver move to jeff hardy off the top rope. 10/10

Turning Point 2005
Barbed Wire Massacre:
Ok, let me just say this, this was an AWESOME match! Sabu and Abyss fought in a ring with barbed wire as ring ropes and anything you could think of was wrapped in barbed wire surrounding the ring. Highlights include Abyss throwing Sabu into the wire and then missing a charge and diving right into the wire himself! Too many sick spots to name but Sabu gets the win after putting abyss in the middle of two boards of barbed wire and jumping right on top of abyss to win the match! 10/10

Against All Odds 06
Falls Count Anywhere Match:
This was against Rhino and they indeed take it all over the building. Highlights include Abyss throwing Rhino through a couple of tables in the ring and then Rhino managed to fight back and they take it into the stands. The end comes when Rhino gores Abyss of the stands and Abyss falls through a set of tables he himself set up. great ending. 8.5/10

Lockdown 2006
Six sides of steel match:
This was against Christian Cage. A back and forth match and Christian at one point gives a frog splash to Abyss off the top of the cage! Two bags of tacks were used and Abyss slams christian in the tacks and then uses his chain to choke Christian out. However christian gets the win and retains his World Heavyweight title. 9/10

Bound for Glory 2006
Monster's Ball #3:
This included Abyss, Spike Dudley, Raven, and Samoa Joe. They brawled all over the ring and yes a lot of weapons were used in this match. Jake "the snake" Roberts was the ring enforcer/ref guy and he included a lot of moments himself. At one point Spike Dudley fell off a edge of the titantron and fell over 10 feet to the floor itself! pretty good match. 8.5/10

Genesis 2006
This was for the World Heavyweight Championship and it was against Sting. They included some nasty bumps, including Sting getting slammed onto thumbtacks almost like Ric Flair did a few months previous, not as impressive as flairs but still will make you cringe. Sting then goes crazy and beats up Abyss and throws him off the stage onto two boards that were set up wrapped in barbed wire! Abyss wins the title in a disqualification. 9/10



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