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TNA Best of 2007


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Customer Reviews

TNA's Best of the Best of 20075
This DVD set shows the best TNA matches of the year and the TNA end of the year awards voted by the TNA fans. The dvd is hosted by TNA's Barry Scott and he does the introduction of the matches and award winners.

1. Elevation X Match- Destination X
Rhino vs. AJ Styles
I wasn't really to fond of the way this match was set up. I didn't really found it all that good either but Rhino and Styles did their best to have a match on top of the Elevated X above the ring. It does give you suspense if you never seen this type of match before. Rhino does pull off his Gore on top of the Elevated X. 3/5

Winners of the Best Finisher of 2007
5) Olympic Slam- Kurt Angle
4) Black Hole Slam- Abyss
3) Gringo Killer- Homicide
2) Flux Capacitor- Kaz
1) Muscle Buster- Samoa Joe

TNA Knockouts of 2007
5) Awesome Kong
4) Karen Angle
3) Mrs. Brooks
2) Christy Hemme
1) Gail Kim

2. King of the Mountain for the TNA World Championshiop- Slammiversary
Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Harris vs. Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles
Now the rules of this match are a little confusing if you read them but they do work out during the match. You must score a pin fall in order to qualify to climb the ladder to hang up the title belt and the loser of the fall must spend 2 minutes in a penalty box. The match was very good. There were some double team moves by Cage & Styles. Also some very good moves were excuted with the ladder. Angle manages to get use of his ankle lock on top of the ladder. Styles gets thrown through the announce table and the impact was just sick, it really looked like Styles broke his back. Awesome match. 5/5

Best TNA Tag Team of 2007
5) Team 3D
4) The Steiner Brothers
3) AJ Styles & Tomko
2) Latin American Xchange
1) Motor City Machineguns

3. All or Nothing for the TNA World, Tag Team, & X-Division Championship- Hard Justice
Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe
Another pretty good match between these two but I do think the Kurt & Karen thing took away a great deal from the match. It did seem like it dragged on in the beginning but it picked up. Some good submissions and more of a ground mat based wrestling match mixed in with some good high impact moves as well. Pretty good wrestling match and the whole Karen/Kurt thing took away from the match. 4.5/5

X-Division Superstar of 2007
5) Christopher Daniels
4) Alex Shelly
3) Chris Sabin
2) Kaz
1) Balck Machismo Jay Lethal

4. Texas Death Match- Sacrifice
"Wildcat" Chris Harris vs. "Cowboy" James Storm
This match resembles TNA's version of a Last Man Standing Match but it was a very brutal and bloody match. It starts out in the crowd and some viscious shots were taken out there. Harris takes a brutal chair shot by Storm about midway in the match. There were some good table spots as well. Very brutal match. Good match. 5/5

Best Fueds of 2007
5) Sting vs. Abyss
4) Team 3D vs. the X-Division
3) Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage
2) Sting vs. Kurt Angle
1) Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Superstar to watch in 2008
5) Awesome Kong
4) Matt Morgan
3) Judas Mesias
2) Kaz
1) Booker T

5. Ladder Match for the #1 Contendership- Genesis
Christian Cage vs. Kaz
This was by far the best ladder match in TNA history. Christian really upped his game in this ladder match, & I believed he wanted to show Edge, Michaels, Hardys, & others that he made the ladder match of what it is today and he certainly proved that in this match. Kaz was also great as well, he pulled off moves you rarely don't see in ladder matches these days. Pheonomenal Ladder match & the interference didn't hurt the match at all. 5/5

Most Memorable Moments of 2007
5) Gail Kim becomes the first TNA Knockout Champion at Bound for Glory
4) Jay Lethal pins Kurt Angle at No Surrender for the X-Division Title
3) Kurt Angle wins all the Gold at Hard Justice
2) Sting wins the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory
1) Booker T debuts at Genesis

6. Ultimate X Match for the Tag Team #1 Contendership- Bound for Glory
Latin American Xchange vs. Senshi & Elix Skipper
This match opened up Bound for Glory back in October. This was a great opener. Just a really pheonomenal great match. Some good high flying moves. Skipper pulls off a cross body about 15 feet up from the ultimate x post. A great match. The crowd was really into this one. 5/5

TNA MVP of 2007
5) AJ Styles
4) Sting
3) Christian Cage
2) Kurt Angle
1) Samoa Joe

7) TNA World Championship- Bound for Glory
Kurt Angle vs. Sting
This was a great main event from Bound for Glory. Sting and Angle are great competitors and this was just a great match. It was a good ol' solid wrestling match and the interference didn't hurt the match one bit. A great match to say the least. A pure classic. 5/5

This was a great dvd. If yall aint used to the wrestling in TNA or yall missed a majority of TNA from 2007 then I recommend on picking this up. A solid dvd to add to your collection.



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