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3 Live Kru - Beware
Abyss - Down in the Catacombs (Dale Oliver)
Alex Shelley
America's Most Wanted - Guilty (Bagman)
America's Mosted Wanted - Guilty (Bagman)
Apolo - Black Magic Woman (TNA Remix)
Austin Aries - Superstar (Dale Oliver)
BG James - Original Theme (Dale Oliver)
Bobby Roode - No More Fears
Brian Lawler
Cassidy Riley - You're Gone (Dale Oliver)
Chris Candido
Chris Sabin - Modern Oz
Christian Cage - My Last Breath (TNA Remix)
Christy Hemme - Wasting Away (Manic Drive)
Curt Hennig - Champion
David Young - Shotgun Sonic
Diamond Dallas Page - Self High Five (TNA Remix)
Disciples of the New Church - Take You Under (Dale Oliver)
Dlo Brown - Down With the Brown
Dray 3000
Dustin Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes
Flying Elvises - The Kings of Wrestling
Gail Kim - Gail Kim Rules (Dale Oliver)
Glen Gilberti
Hector Garza - Mexican Unstoppable
James Gang - Nobody Moves (Dale Oliver)
Jay Lethal - Static (Dale Oliver)
Jeff Hardy - Modest (Jeff Hardy)
Jeff Jarrett - My World (Dale Oliver)
Jerrelle Clark - Mr. 630
Jerry Lynn - Scapegoat (TNA Remix)
Johnny B Badd - Johnny be Bad (Dale Oliver)
Johnny Fairplay
Jorge Estrada
Jyushin Thunder Lyger - Ikari No Jyushin Lyger
Ken Shamrock - Lion's Den
Kevin Nash - Big sexy
Kevin Nash - Kashmir (TNA Remix)
Kid Kash - Kid Kash Rocks
Kip James
Kurt Angle - Lunatic Fringe TNA remix (Dale Oliver)
Lance Hoyt
LAX - Dawgz (Dale Oliver feat. Konnan)
Matt Bentley - Machine (Dale Oliver)
Mikey Batts
Paul London
Perry Saturn - Come With Me (TNA Remix)
Phi Delta Slam
Primetime Elix Skipper - Primetime
Raven - Scream (Dale Oliver)
Rhino - Stampede
Roderick Strong - Amazing (Dale Oliver)
Ron Killings - What's Up (Ron Killings)
S.*.*. - s** Sells
Sabu - Huka Blues (TNA Remix)
Samoa Joe - Crush You Up (TNA Remix of Godzilla Theme)
Scott Hall - Marvelous Me
Scott Steiner - Siren (Dale Oliver)
Sean Waltman
Senshi (Low Ki)
Shannon Moore - Chicken Huntin (ICP)
Shark Boy - Eat Me
Siamond Diamond - Simon Says (TNA Remix)
Sonjay Dutt - Addictive (Truth Hurts)
Sonny Siaki - Special Delivery (G Dep)
Sting - Slay Me
Sting - Yours (Toby Mac)
Team 3D - 3D (Dale Oliver)
Team Canada - Canadian National Anthem Instrumental
Team USA - America the Beautiful TNA Remix (Dale Oliver)
Teddy Hart
The Alpha Male Monty Brown - Down With the Sickness (TNA Remix)
The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels - Disposable Teens (TNA Remix)
The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels - Original Disposable Teens (TNA Remix)
The Franchise Shane Douglas - Perfect Strangers Instrumental (Deep Purple)
The Harris Brothers - War Necks (Dale Oliver)
The James Gang (Dale Oliver)
The Maco Man Randy Savage - RU Ready (Randy Savage)
The Naturals - Natural (Dale Oliver)
The New York Connection - Funk With
The Phenomenal AJ Styles - Born and Raised (Original Theme)
The Phenomenal AJ Styles - I am - with Intro (Dale Oliver)
The Sandman - Enter Sandman (TNA Remix)
TNA IMPACT! Theme - Adrenaline (Dale Oliver)
Traci Brookes
Trinity - Dodging Bullets
Triple X - xXx Gonna Give it to Ya
Trytan.mp3 1.30 MB
Video Package - Adrenaline Rush (Dale Oliver)
Vince Russo - F U System



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