TNA Kurt Angle Champion 2008 مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

TNA Kurt Angle Champion 2008


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قیمت: 4900 تومان

تعداد دی وی دی : 1 عدد

فرمت : MP4 

کیفیت تصویری:   HD

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 Customer Reviews

Im a huge Kurt Angle fan, and ive been one since his debut in the WWE. His intensity is unmatched and makes every match of his a classic. TNA dvd Champion was a hit and miss as it goes with TNA dvds. Although i liked the personal interviews with Kurt's family, friends, manager, etc. The match choices for the dvd could have been better.

Disc 1:
- Kurt Vs Somoa Joe
- Kurt Vs Somoa Joe - THE REMATCH
- Kurt Vs Somoa Joe - IRONMAN MATCH
- Kurt Vs Somoa Joe Vs Christian Cage Vs AJ Styles Vs Chris Harris - KING OF THE MOUNTAIN

Disc 2:
- Kurt Vs Samoa Joe - EVERY TITLE IN TNA
- Kurt Vs Jay Lethal - X-DIVISION TITLE
- Kurt Vs Sting - WORLD TITLE
- Kurt Vs Sting - iMPACT REMATCH
- Kurt Vs Somoa Joe - WORLD TITLE

TNA has a habit of releasing dvds with many "rematch" matches. Which i personally think hurts them, No one wants to see "Sting Vs Jeff Jerret" six times. It makes things become too predictable and borring.


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