WWE - Austin vs. McMahon (Orginal) مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

WWE - Austin vs. McMahon (Orginal)


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WWE - Austin vs. McMahon

Austin vs. McMahon

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WWE - Austin vs. McMahon

WWE - Austin vs. McMahon

"Austin vs. McMahon: The Whole True Story" is an 80 minute feature that chronicles the legendary "Austin vs. McMahon" feud that jettisoned the World Wrestling Federation back to the top of American pop culture in the late 1990s. Through various interviews with WWF officials and "documentary" like coverage, it recounts the entire initial feud from the Fall of 1997 to its ending in the summer of 1999, highlighting MOST of the key events in the feud including classic promos, matches and backstage vignettes as well as their historical effect on the business and its place in American pop culture.
Among the key highlights:
1. His battles with The Rock, Mick Foley, Kane and the Undertaker, the Corporation and the Ministry
2. Classic segments such as the Monster Truck incident, the Beer Truck, the Zamboni, and McMahon's corvette, the "Hostage Taking" and the "Hospital Incident."
The feature is good in that it tried its very best to include EVERYTHING. The downsides, in my opinion, were the pacing of the video. A lot of the key angles were not covered until the last 20 minutes of the video. The majority of the beginning seemed to be filled with a lot of useless filler, particularly the interviews with certain WWF officials. Also, the thing that I personally could have done without was the "Documentary Narrator voice" which just seemed to kill the "feel" of the video for me. It seems like it was over pushed as a big "formal" type of documentary that you'd see on A&E or The Discovery Channel or TLC or something like that.
Honestly, the DVD itself has got to be one of the most crappiest DVDs WWF Home Video has ever put out!!! It contains NO special features which while a crime isn't that bad, because other DVDs have been released with no special features. The CAPITAL offense though is that the DVD does not even have anything as much as chapter or title breaks/selections!!! No navigation to speak of. It's basically the WWF burning the original VHS version (released in 1999) to DVD as is!!! Goodness, AT LEAST dress it up a little by breaking it into chapters!!! (A bonus match or two would have also been nice).
At the very least, the legendary feud is hereby preserved for "digital posterity" if nothing else.

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