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WWE Owen Hart Of Gold


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WWE Owen - Hart of Gold DVD (3 Discs)

The youngest of 12 from the famous Hart wrestling family, and one of the most loveable personalities in all of sports entertainment, Owen Hart was a champion who won the hearts of fans around the world with his athleticism and one of a kind personality. For the first time ever, relive his greatest matches and hear from his brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues as they fondly look back on the life and career of a WWE Superstar with a true heart of gold.
In MemoryFun-LovingBorn and Bred EntertainerOwen Tales: Prank StuStampede WrestlingBlue BlazerOwen Tales: Late Night CallsThe RocketKing of HartsOwen Tales: Press SlamCamp CornetteOwen Tales: Hog PenGold ChampionHart FoundationOwen Tales: Riding with FansReturn of the Blue BlazerOwen Tales: King of Carry OnMay 23, 1999Legacy
Helpful Brother1st WWE MatchBad News PrankBlue Blazer is OwenThermostatHacksaw Gym CallHundred Dollar GouletShaving CreamEeyore HallGetting Pulled OverBattle RoyalLuger 50Sumo BulldogWrestleMania 12 FanNuancesRole ModelEuropean Title MatchSlammy BethSpirited Scottish CallClown NoseEmbracing the NuggetVenis SuperFanPopcorn MatchThrifty OwenFan/UncleOwens’ Birthday
Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship Match
Owen Hart vs. Viet Cong Express #1
Stampede Wrestling • December 5, 1986
North American Heavyweight Championship Match
Owen Hart vs. Makhin Singh
Stampede Wrestling • May 1988
Blue Blazer vs. George South
Wrestling Challenge • September 10, 1988
Blue Blazer vs. Mr. Perfect
Meadowlands • May 8, 1989
Owen Hart vs. Mark Kyle
World Championship Wrestling • March 16, 1991
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Wrestling Spotlight • August 28, 1993
Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart
WrestleMania X • March 20, 1994
King of the Ring Finals
Owen Hart vs. Razor Ramon
King of the Ring • June 19, 1994
Lumberjack Match for the WWE Championship
Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart
Portland, ME • August 17, 1994
Exhibition Match
Owen Hart vs. Nick Barberri
WrestleMania XI Public Workout; Times Square, NYC • March 28, 1995
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Owen Hart & Yokozuna vs. The Allied Powers
In Your House • July 23, 1995
# 1 Contender for the WWE Championship
Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
In Your House • February 18, 1996
Owen Hart vs. Mankind
RAW • January 6, 1997
WWE European Championship Tournament Finals
Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog
RAW • March 3, 1997
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Owen Hart vs. Rocky Maivia
RAW • April 28, 1997
10-Man Tag Team Match
The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, The British Bulldog & Brian Pillman) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust & Legion of Doom
In Your House: Canadian Stampede • July 6, 1997
WWE European Championship Match 
Owen Hart vs. Goldust
RAW • January 26, 1998
Dungeon Match
Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock
Fully Loaded • July 26, 1998
Owen Hart vs. Edge
Breakdown: In Your House • September 27, 1998

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