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Triple H The King Of Kings


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Triple H The King Of Kings


Customer Reviews

-Disk 1-

This DVD begins by The Game talking about how he got to WWE to start with. He talks about his training and time with WCW.

Raw- 5/22/95
Hunter Hearst Helmsley VS John Crystal
This is the WWE Debut of Triple H under the blue blood gimmick. It's your regular squash type match with not much to it. Triple H does a good job with his debut though. Look for Triple H using a Cutter for his finisher.
RATING- 3/10

After his debut match, Triple H talks about the pressure behind working with local talent. He then goes on to talk about the honor of holding the Intercontinental title at that time.

Raw- 10/21/1996
WWF Intercontinental Championship
Hunter Hearst Helmsley VS Marc Mero(c) w/Mr. Perfect
This match was originally supposes to be HHH VS Mr. Perfect, but Perfect was injured. Perfect handpicked HHH's opponent for the night though. The match is well paced but doesn't come off that great. Mero hits a good-looking moonsault.
RATING- 7.5/10

Triple H talks about how Chyna became his bodyguard and how much of a change it was for the wrestling industry. He talks about being held back for a while but then coming back to win King of the Ring. He tells a funny story about the crown.

WWF King of the Ring 1997
Finals of the King of the Ring
Mankind VS Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna
Oddly enough, these guys put on a horrible match. The match itself was very slow and boring. The match does pick up until near the end. The end foreshadows what they are capable of doing in the future. Either way, it lasts way to long and is very boring.
RATING- 4/10

Triple H speaks on his transformation to becoming more like himself.

WWF WrestleMania XIV
WWF European Championship
Owen Hart VS Triple H(c) w/Chyna
It is nice to see Owen Hart on DVD. Chyna had to be handcuffed is Commissioner Slaughter during this match so she would not interfere. Triple H and Hart have a decent wrestling match. Nothing too special, but a good match regardless. Chyna makes her presence known regardless of the stipulation.

Triple h speaks on creating his own D-X and how D-X went from heels to faces in one day. Triple H then talks about his turn on D-X and elevation to the Main Event.

Raw- 8/23/1999
WWF Championship Match
Mankind(C) VS Triple H
Look what Triple H is wearing during his entrance. It looks sort of cool but at the same time very lame. The match itself isn't great. This was a way to get the title on Triple H for the first time and carry a bunch of heat with it. The Rock's commentary is the best part of the match.
RATING- 6/10

Triple h talks about being in the Main Event. He goes on to tell about how many times he has worked with Austin.

WWF No Mercy 1999
No Holds Barred- WWF Championship
Triple H(c) VS Stone Cold Steve Austin
What a fight these two had. They brawl all over the place. There are many weapons used in this match. This match is fast and furious and you won't forget it.
RATING- 9/10

Between these matches, Triple H talks about his on-air relationship with Stephanie McMahon and the McMahon's in general. He also talks about wanting to do Mick Foley justice in his retirement match.

WWF No Way Out 2000
Hell in a Cell- Career VS WWF Championship
Triple H(C) VS Cactus Jack
This match was the follow-up to the amazing WWE Royal Rumble 2000 Street Fight that these two had. Cactus Jack has been given one more chance at the title, but if he loses then he must retire. This is a great match from top to bottom. Triple H has locked the cell doors with dozens of locks so Cactus can't climb to the top and fly off onto Triple H as Cactus has been saying he would. The match does start a little too slowly, but eventually picks and gets brutal.
RATING- 9/10

Triple H talks about his injury from 2001 and how his return went.

WWE Royal Rumble 2002
30-Man Royal Rumble Match
This was the worst way to put this match on the DVD. You start in the middle of the match when Triple H enters the ring. You miss a lot of good things that went on during the Rumble. You do get to see Curt Hennig in action, which is nice. I felt like this was a waste of DVD space due to it not being the full rumble.
RATING- 4/10

-Disc 2-

Triple H talks about the return of Shawl Michaels to the ring and how he was the only one Shawn trusted to have a match with. The match they had at WWE SummerSlam 2002 would lead into our next match.

WWE Armageddon 2002
2 out of 3 Falls Match- World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H VS Shawn Michaels(c)
This match is amazing. Every single part of it was perfect. The first fall was a Street Fight that was absolutely brutal. A flaming barbwire board comes into play and connects with one of the best shots I've ever seen. It is also cool how the barbwire becomes lighted. The next fall is a Steel Cage match. The cage match just continues the brutality and sees Flair get involved. The third fall is a Ladder Match. The entire first and second fall is setting up the climax to the third fall. It's amazing how they could keep me guessing the entire match when it was going to happen. It is like something you'd see in Saw, where something is being built toward the entire time but you don't know what it is until it happens. Yeah, I just compared wrestling to Saw, odd right?
RATING- 10/10

Triple H talks about the rise of Batista and how he made sure their first real conflict was saved.

WWE Vengeance 2005(Match of the DVD)
Hell in a Cell- World Heavyweight Championship
Batista(c) VS Triple H
This is one of my favorite Hell in a Cell matches, right next to the brutal Undertaker/Lesnar match from WWE - No Mercy 2002. It's back and forth action all the way. A steel chair wrapped in Barbwire is introduced early and becomes the focus point of the match. Steel steps are also used with the utmost brutality. The ending is so w

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