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The Rock - Know Your Role


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The Rock - Know Your Role


This video was very disappointing. Let me put it this way. Have you seen the PPVs with the Rock/Nation vs. DX. Have you seen him fight Austin way back when he first started becoming the Rock? Did you see him fight Mankind for the title during those 6 months where the two had about a billion title changes between them? Have you seen RAW from the beginning of the Nation Feud to all the way when this video was made? Then you basically saw the whole video. If you expect to see extras, that's not happening in this video. Unless you want to relive The Rock's ppv matches with HHH and Mankind in the form of about 5-7 minute reviews, then you should get this. If you're looking for extras, don't bother.

نسخه اورژینال

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