ECW: The Best of the Dudley Boyz مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

ECW: The Best of the Dudley Boyz


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ECW: The Best of the Dudley Boyz

هوم ویدیو زیبا از کمپانی ECW


1. Introductory video of the Dudley Boyz in action.
2. Clips of tons of people taking the 3D (Beulah, the Public Enemy, the Eliminators, the Gangstas, Spike Dudley) and Balls Mahoney getting put through a flaming table.
3. D'von cutting a pre-match promo where he blasts out Philly. Match 1: D'von and Axl Rotten vs. Buh Buh Ray and Big Dick Dudley. Pretty insane match spanning the arena. Tons of tables. 3 stars
4. Highlights of the night D'von and Buh Buh put aside their differences and finally joined forces thus signaling the beginning of their reign of terror. Beat down on Spike, Sandman and the Gangstas.
5. A championship montage. Highlights of 7 out of 8 of their championship crowning moments showing the Eliminators, Gangstas, Vam Dam and Sabu, Tanaka and Mahoney and Balls and Spike falling victim to 3D.
6. Another Dudley promo issuing an open challenge, including Joel Gertner's hilarious trademarked intro. Match 2: New Jack and Spike (with loud Dr. Dre/Ice Cube music) vs. D'von and Buh Buh (w/ Big Dick, Sign Guy and Gertner). Another crazy hardcore match with tons of painful weapons. The post-match beat down of New Jack, including a reciting of the Dudley commandments, is especially brutal. 4 stars
7. MY PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT OF THE VIDEO. Clips from the Madhouse of Extreme. Here we get about 10 minutes worth of the Dudleys trading verbal assaults with the NYC fans. It's the most brutal and surreal scene you'll ever see as the crowd and the Dudleys just rip into one another. ECW at it's best.
8. Match 3: Buh Buh, D'von and Big Dick (w/ Gertner and Sign Guy) vs. Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Spike Dudley (w/ Beulah). So-so match, few nice spots but tons of non-action. The crowd's reaction to the Dudley's (particularly Buh Buh) makes it worthwhile. Funny part toward the end where Gertner fights Beulah. 2 ¾ stars.
9. Dudley's cut their last promo in ECW before their farewell match before leaving for the WWF.
10. Match 4: Dudley's Last Match in ECW - Balls and Spike vs. Buh Buh and D'von. Overall, an insane match which sees the trademarked cheese grater, thumbtacks and flaming table. 4 stars.
11. Post-match: The Dudley's cut a promo on Tommy Dreamers and Paul E. which leads to...
12. Match 5: Tommy Dreamer vs. the Dudley Boyz with the surprise return of Raven
13. The big, tearful, heartfelt "Dudley Farewell" ceremony post-post-match where the locker room clears out to join the audience in sending off the Dudleyz.
14. Match 6: The little scene "Dudleys homecoming return" match from December 2000 where they teamed with Tommy Dreamer to take on Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and C.W. Anderson. Funny stuff in here where Styles talks during the commentary about how they'll have to edit some of the more "non-TV friendly" match antics. Machetes, cheese graters, plus, Gertner molests Dawn Marie. 3 stars.
In addition, the DVD contains the following "Special Features."
1. D'von's ECW debut where he comes in during a Dudley pre-match promo to set Buh Buh, Sign Guy and Big Dick straight including a beat down of JT Smith and Little Guido.
2. THE FINAL ECW promo of Buh Buh and D'von given after their "Dudley's homecoming return" match in December 2000. Lotta heart in this one.
3. Bonus Match: Dudleys vs. Masato Tanaka and Balls Mahoney. Great extra match. Lots of chairs. 4 stars.
Overall, this is a good collection of the work of BUH BUH RAY and D'VON. You get some pretty decent matches, but it's actually all the promos that make this entertaining and makes it work for me. The collection does a good job of chronicling (basically only) Buh Buh and D'von's tenure in ECW.

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