WWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Lord of the Ring مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

WWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Lord of the Ring


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WWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Lord of the Ring


I don't know if this will be exactly the same as the A&E bio that aired this past November 99. The A&E was an excellent piece done on wrestling ICON, Stone Cold Steve Austin. As a huge fan of his, I enjoy anything done on him. This will take you on a journey from his childhood, all the way up to now. Where is one of the most famous and recognized people in the world. This will cover all the bases for you. His early sucess as a high school football player, to his choice to become a pro wrestler, to his name change from Steve Williams to Steve Austin, to his struggles in WCW, to the birth of Stone Cold in the WWF. It shows photos of it all. Him as a child, a baby, a teenager, and a pro wrestling great. I think WWF home video might add their own flavor to this to touch it up a bit though, but if you like Stone Cold and wanna know alot about him, this video will do the job.

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