WCW Sid Vicious Millennium Man 1999 مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

WCW Sid Vicious Millennium Man 1999


3,000 تومان

قیمت: 1500 تومان

تعداد دی وی دی : 1 عدد

فرمت : AVI 

کیفیت تصویری:   HD

قابل پخش در اکثر دی وی دی پلیرها و کامپیوتر و ....

WCW Sid Vicious Millennium Man 1999


For all of you who have wondered what Sid may be like when he's out of character and not being either "Sycho" or "Vicious," buy this video. The whole video is full of great footage of Sid in action in the ring, and liberally peppered with comments and opinions from Sid-on himself, wrestling in general and a few other big Personalities. My only real complaint about this video is that it left me wanting more, where there is really no more to be found. This video seems to be one of a kind, as far as Sid goes. I wish there had been another hour full of him. He's been a favorite of mine for years.
A great buy!

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